RIHS Central Library

Main Library of RIHS is located in the lower-ground floor. It consist of a book section, a reference Library and an e-library section. RIHS central library will facilitate students, faculty and researchers in their studies, teaching and research. It provides an attractive collection of books, journals and reference material. The library will promote inquiry and critical thinking by providing access to the information resources. RIHS Central library shall support lifelong learning by anticipating and responding to the information need of students and faculty, encourage a desire to read and to enrich the quality of life of the College community. The library services shall be automated through modern library administration software in order to provide round the clock access to the specified academic services to be available to its members.

Electronic Media Library

The Electronic Library section at RIHS central library has an extensive collection. Faculty may search for videos, e-books and journals in the electronic media library collection by using RIHS library catalogue and library link on RIHS Website.