Co-Chairperson - Saleha Khaqan


We have embarked on this project with a sense of commitment to our beloved country Pakistan, our dear countrymen, and humanity. We have dedicated this project to the underprivileged people of our country who feel deprived of many amenities of life including healthcare which is not only critical for life but the prerequisite for the realization of potential one has been endowed with. We want to make the manifest contribution to promoting health care in the country through Rawal project. This project comprises Rawal General & Dental Hospital, Rawal College of Medicine and Rawal College of Dentistry.

At the Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, we want to go by international standards of medical and dental education on the basis of top-of-the line faculty as well as infrastructure in terms of building, paraphernalia, and labs. We not only want to produce competent doctors and dental surgeons but we also want to inculcate high moral values in them. The medical profession is more a mission than a profession. Muslims can rightly be proud of their glorious traditions in the field of medicine and surgery. The great Muslim physicians like Avicenna not only pioneered highest standards in medical competence but they also set norms of medical ethics. We want to do our bit in removing the stigma of greed from the noble medical profession. We hold grooming sessions for our students to motivate them for service to humanity, especially the poor and less fortunate people. I am confident that doctors and dental surgeons passing out from our college could become role models for their co-professionals and its teaching hospital would prove a great boon for the poor people who otherwise could not afford quality medical treatment. I am confident that philanthropists would assist the charity side of our project and contribute towards better healthcare in the community.